The historical weaving heritage of the Arabian Peninsula is a vibrant and essential element of traditional material culture. Traditional al Sadu woven textiles convey the Bedouin women weavers’ ideals of their rich heritage and instinctive awareness of natural beauty, with patterns and designs messaging the nomadic lifestyle, the desert environment, and the emphasis of aesthetic symmetry and balance due to the making process.

The significance of al Sadu weaving as a decorative craft, is due not only to its importance as material culture but also because of its functionality, which served the everyday needs of the traditional Bedouin nomadic lifestyle. Al Sadu textiles can be linked and feature in many different aspects of Bedouin community life, and are testimony to the weavers’ ‘practical achievements, their manual dexterity and aesthetic values’. But like a visual language, decorative iconography and patterns create a lexicon of symbols, with messages conveying the creativity and history of desert and coastal nomadic dwelling, and providing glimpses into the creative lives of the women who wove them and the tribal nomads who lived among them.

This site focuses on my research about traditional Sadu weaving technique, and my experiences of working in the desert in the Middle East. The interpretation of the woven symbols, motifs and patterns, establishing a wealth of meaning and communication from the codes or pictographic language, by exploring the oral history and memories of a dwindling number of contemporary Bedouin women weavers in Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

Dr Keireine Canavan


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  1. Your entire blog, “Al Sadu Weaving In Kuwait | Just another WordPress.
    com weblog” was indeed well worth commenting on! Merely wished to say u really did a
    fantastic work. Thank you -Kathryn

  2. amyduffiee

    This has changed my opinion on weaving and given a real insight into how images such as these are used as a from of communication as a method of recording images. These women posses very a intelligent, inspiring and unfortunately rare skill.

  3. This has given me more insight about weaving and how important it is to other cultures. People can easily overlook textiles and disregard it as an ‘artwork’ just because it doesn’t involve wet medium. When in fact,the patterns and colours itself has a story to tell just like any painting. Overall i think that this has been an interesting read and very informative. Thank you

    • alsaduweaving

      I am glad you enjoyed learning about Bedouin textiles and that it has provided food for thought about other cultures and their crafts. Interestingly there is on-going research about why sewing machine methods are not considered a technological practice, and it is thought, like al-Sadu hand weaving, that because it is considered womens’ work, it is therefore associated with domesticity and craft skills. Hmm!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Traditional al Sadu weaving and the Bedouin women, it has given me a real insight into the way these women have lived, communicated and of how this stunning skill has been passed down through generations.
    I was saddened after learning how important these woven textiles were to many aspects of every day life for these women, that it is a now scarce and endangered skill. These women, be it from generations ago, or the very few that are left who still practice this ancient art form, are an inspiration.

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