Seasonal Greetings & Happy New Year 2010 – Dr Keireine Canavan

Seasonal Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

While snow has apparently deluged our home in the Scottish hills, and much of UK is covered in white, Kuwait is bathed in sunshine with temperatures up to 24C.  I have spent the past five Christmas &  New Years in Kuwait, and this year is the warmest I can remember.

While there have been lots of festive events at the British Embassy and with friends to enjoy, Sadu House does not close its doors, nor the universities ‘go down’ until the New Year, and consequently my research work has continued, interrupted only by the arrival of family from UK and India in the past few days.

Data continues to pour in from all sides – information from master weavers’ interviews, questionnaire responses from university students, including information from their parents and their grandparents generation.  I have attended several cultural lectures, associated meetings with an ever growing network of scholars, academics and HE students, and am continuing to read and read.  Interested people are offering their private libraries to me, and others, who attended my public lecture at the American University of Kuwait or one of the workshops I have delivered at the Kuwait Textile Arts Association have opened their homes to me and shown me their textile collections.

Sending best wishes and health to everyone in 2010


Keireine in Kuwait: Christmas 2009



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2 responses to “Seasonal Greetings & Happy New Year 2010 – Dr Keireine Canavan

  1. nadia

    dear Dr Keireine
    i keep reading all your post,pleas keep writing,im so proud of what u doing,happy new year.x

  2. Hi..can you tell me WHERE i can possibly buy one of those traditional gulf-style wool wall hangings?? I’m in the U.S. and need an online vendor. Thanks!

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