KTAA Public Lecture – Dr Keireine Canavan

Gata Textiles from Sadu House Permanent Collection KUWAIT TEXTILE ARTS ASSOCIATION




‘Discovered Through Translation: Sadu House Permanent Collection Gata No. 2’


American University of Kuwait Graphic Students’ Sadu Project Poster Exhibition

Tuesday 23rd March 2010

Sadu House at 7.00pm

(Entrance on corner of National Museum, Gulf Road, Kuwait City)

Photo Credit: Canavan/ Alnajadah with kind permission from Sheikha Altaf, Sadu Weaving Society.

Dr Canavan is currently on research sabbatical from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff UK, studying textiles from the Sadu House Permanent Collection, with kind permission from Sheikha Altaf Al Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah and the AlSadu Weaving Society.

The focus of research is upon Kuwait’s Bedouin Gata or central tent divider textile, and in particular the meaning and names of the sharjarah motifs and patterned sections within it.

The lecture will visually describe the discoveries, through the translation of a dwindling number of master-weavers’ narratives, about the integrity and symbolic meaning of Kuwait’s Sadu weaving heritage.  Quoting from recorded interviews, the lecture will discuss whether contemporary weavers are interested in the names and meaning of motifs, or if they are personal testimony only to the weaver who created them, or whether the language of AlSadu has been lost in modern-day Kuwaiti society, appreciated only for its traditional aesthetic values.

To prevent further loss, the importance of preserving the memories of existing oral history and the knowledge of a declining practice and awareness of Bedouin Sadu textiles, will be examined.

The lecture concludes with ideas for future research, and suggests developments to generate and encourage modern Sadu weavers.

Contact – Email: kcanavan@uwic.ac.uk

Blog: http://www.alsaduweaving.wordpress.com



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4 responses to “KTAA Public Lecture – Dr Keireine Canavan

  1. Ali Alwayel

    Dear Dr Canavan,

    This is very interesting, imagining this art translated into a contemporary design.
    I can’t wait to see a printed version of your research.

    Wish you the best.

    Ali Alwayel

  2. Leona Quayle

    Hello Keireine, It’s Leona, your lecture was really inspiring and I find what you’re doing facinating. I’ve written a summery of the lecture we had on my blog. The web address is:http://lquayle.tumblr.com/week1

  3. Hi! Cerys from textiles here!

    I loved reading through this, it’s really interesting to see how they turn their designs into something. Its great how its almost like a little story they are telling. amazing!

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