PhD MDes MA(RCA) BA(Hons)

Specialist Subject Areas:

Traditional & digital constructed textile design for fashion, interiors and exhibition;
Digital Textile surface decoration and design for fashion, interiors and exhibition;
Traditional tribal weaving techniques and textiles, specifically;
• Al Sadu ground loom weavers, Kuwait and Gulf countries, Middle East: the semiotics of the sharjarah technique with in the Gata textile;
• Iban Dayak ikat backstrap loom weaving, Malay-Indonesia;
• Patola weavers of Patan, NW Gujarat, India;
Middle East: woven camel trappings and decoration;
Museum textile collection advisor – National Museum Collection Centre, Scotland/ Sadu House: Kuwait National Museum and National Museum of Qatar Middle East;
Applications of textiles as products.


Jan 2003 PhD. Dayak to Digital: Traditional Ikats for Contemporary Knitted Textiles. Heriot-Watt University. (MacFarlane Prize Winner 2003)
1995–1996 MDes + Computer Application: Textiles Design. Scottish College of Textiles
1987–1990 Montessori Teaching Dip. London School of Modern Montessori
1979 –1981 MA RCA Knitted Textile Design. Royal College of Art, London
1976–1979 BA (Hons) Woven Textiles. Liverpool College of Art
1975–1976 Foundation Studies Dip. Lanchester Polytechnic

Principal Publications and/or Exhibitions

• WIRAD: DIGIT Annual Symposium 2012. Lost Voices: Material Culture of Traditional Weaving in the Middle East. Cardiff Metropolitan University. June 2012
• Virginia Commonwealth University: Survival of weaving in the Arabian Gulf. Qatar. Apr 2013 (tbc)
• The National United Arab Emirates: Zeri Craft’s mission to preserve Bedouin handicrafts. M. Harkins. UAE. Mar 2012
• Glamorgan Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. The Language of Al Sadu Weaving. Cardiff. Feb 2012
• WIRAD Lecture Series: Unwritten Narratives of Bedouin Women Weavers of the Arabian Gulf. Cardiff Metropolitan University. Nov 2011
• Goldsmith’s London University Material Matters Seminar: Materialising Symbols – Lost Voices. Goldsmith’s London University. Oct 2011
• WIRAD: DIGIT Symposium 2011. The Language of Bedouin Al Sadu Weaving. Cardiff Metropolitan University. June 2011
• Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah Lecture Season 16: Weaving in the Arabian Gulf: Historical traditions and future prospects. Invited guest speaker. Kuwait. Apr 2011.
• Sinclaire (Prof), R., Textiles and Fashion: materials, design and technology. Canavan, K., Chapter 22. Applications of textile products. Woodhead Publications, London. 2011.
• Gulf Conference: Aspirations and Challenges in the Gulf Conference. University of Exeter. 2011.
• Kuwait Textile Arts Association: Camel Trappings and Contemporary Textiles. Kuwait. Apr 2011.
• Camel Conference SOAS: AlSadu Trappings, Decoration & the Dromedary. May 2011
• Oral History Society Conference V&A Museum: The Language of Al Sadu. July 2010
• WIRAD: DIGIT Material Matters: DIGIT Joint textile research exhibition with C. Treadaway, P. Lawrence, H.Watkins. Howard Gardens Gallery. Oct 2010.
• The National United Arab Emirates: House & Home. Article. M. Hakins. UAE. July 2010
• UWIC Summer Lecture Series: The Language of Bedouin AlSadu Weaving. June 2010
• Kuwait Textile Arts Association: Discovered Through Translation: Gata. Kuwait. Mar 2010.
• American University of Kuwait: Invited Lecture. Communication & Language of Textiles. Kuwait. Nov 2009
• Roy, Chaitali B. Textiles Speak Louder than Words. Arab Times. Kuwait. 17 Nov 2009
• Canavan, K. Dayak 2 Digital – Traditional Ikat for Contemporary Knitted Textiles. Heriot-Watt University. MacFarlane Prize. 2003


• Cardiff Metropolitan University: Travel Bursary Award. Kuwait. 2012
• Qatar Museum Authorities: National Museum of Qatar. Travel Bursary Award. 2012
• Cardiff Metropolitan University: Travel Bursary Award. Qatar/ Kuwait/ Oman. 2012
• UWIC/ CSAD Research Funding: Oman Field Trip – National Museum Muscat & Bait Al Zubair Museum, Oman (NMM). UNESCO World Heritage Centre & Museum of Omani Heritage, Oman. Aug 2011
• National Museum of Qatar: Travel Bursary Award. 2011
• Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah Lecture Season 16 Travel Bursary Award. Kuwait. 2011
• Strategic Insight Programme Award: National Scottish Museum Collection, Edinburgh. 2011
• Al Sadu Weaving Society Research Fellowship. Awarded by Sheikha Altaf Salem al-Ali al-Sabah, Patron of ASWS. 2010
• 9 Month Extended Research Leave Sabbatical: To investigate the traditional AlSadu weaving techniques of Kuwait and to document traditional and modern patterns with associated symbolism, in order to preserve awareness of the declining artform. Sadu House Kuwait, Middle East. 2009 – 2010
• Al Sadu Museum Travel Bursary. Kuwait. June 2010
• DIGIT – Textile Research Group. Project Director. Collaborating with UW Newport
• WIRAD Super Research Group. Design Enhanced Human Futures. Awarded RAE Strategic Support Initiative Fund. 2007- ongoing
• HEFCW Research Fund. Indian Patola Weavers, Patan, N/W India. 2008
• UWIC/ Contemporary Textiles. Joint exhibition funding. Wales Millennium Centre. 2007

Supervision of relevant Doctoral Research

• PhD Supervisor: Mohammad Alhazin. Using environmental considerations in architectural design to reduce the peak demand for lighting and air conditioning in Kuwaiti homes. 2012 – present.
• PhD External Examiner: Carol Banks. Achieving visual narration using photochromic dyes on a textile substrate in the style of French Impressionist films. Heriot Watt University 2012 (tbc).
• PhD External Examiner: Musaed M. Alberhairi. Using the traditional textile ‘Sadu’ as an element of the ancient traditions & representing it in the development of the concept of visual culture in Kuwait. University of Wales Newport. 2010.
• PhD Co-Supervisor/ Internal Examiner: Cathy Treadaway. Digital Imaging Technology on the Creative Practice of Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. Cardiff School of Art & Design. UWIC. Jan 2006.
• MPhil Consultant: Heather Prosser. Llangorse Textile Cardiff University. 2006.
• PhD External Examiner: Norwani Md. Nawawi. Investigating Patterns, Motifs and the Reproduction Techniques of Ikat Limar. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Nov. 2005.


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